Why substitute product is only one?

  • Sergey S. Fukanchik

    probably this question should go into developers forum, if so please tell me, i will ask there.

    I want to make several substitutions for product, but substitute tab allows only one. Why is that? Is there some reason behind decision to make it so?
    Looking into compiere database internals i can see that there is no technical limit here -- there is M_SUBSTITUTE table with primary key, which contains M_PRODUCT_ID and SUBSTITUTE_ID. Is the only thing which limits IsSingleRow field in AD_TAB? If so is it safe to set it to 'N' to allow multiple product substitutes?

    thank you in advance,

    • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

      Hi Serge,

      I must disappoint you but you can create as many substitutes as you want.
      Just press New Record and create them.

      Each window has two views "Single Record" and "Multiple Record" you can swich between them with "Data Drig toggle" button.

      IsSingleRow field in AD_TAB defines which should be default when user open window.

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