Meaning of "Product BOM"

  • doodle

    doodle - 2007-11-22


    could someone tell me what's the meaning of "Product BOM" Window? I do understand the idea of BOM in principle, and I have made a couple of BOMs under Product Window -> BOM tab. Those are not, however, shown up in "Product BOM" Window (why?). I didn't find any reference to "Product BOM" in the Compiere manual either. What is this separate window made for?

    • gaurav

      gaurav - 2008-09-02

      Product BOM is Bill of Material.
      Definition of Bill of Material :
      A description of the components (often referred to as parts) that go into the assembly of a product.

      eg. There is product 'Cycle' and it is a assembly of Chair, chain, Tyres, Break etc. So we will create products Cycle, Chain, Tyre  etc and mark Cycle as BOM.
      In a nutshell Product A = Product B + Product C + Product D ...
      we will term Product A as BOM.

      Hope its is clear to you.



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