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Compiere ERP Functionality

  • Rama Chavali

    Rama Chavali - 2008-05-30


    I am researching for a ERP system that fits our business needs and I would like to know what type of document management features does Compiere off with their product? I also would like to know what type of customization am I allowed to do and if Compiere offer different add-on products?  Do they offerer well documented help files?

    - Rama  

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2008-05-31

      what work does your company do.where it is located

    • Rama Chavali

      Rama Chavali - 2008-06-01

      Our company is a manufacturing company that is located in Houston, Texas, USA.  We have alot of invoice sheets and other information on paper and would like to move it all into a ERP system.

    • Sandeep Verma

      Sandeep Verma - 2008-06-02

      Hi Rama,

      You can easily attach scanned or any file format while doing a transaction in Compiere. You need not to maintain copies outside the Compiere application.

      Secondly, Compiere provides fairly good documentation for customization. But still I will suggest you get in contact with Compiere Partner. Beauty of Compiere is that you can customize the application to any extent. Say in your case, integrating Compiere with external open source Document Management System. Yes this is also feasible.

      Sandeep Verma.

      • Rama Chavali

        Rama Chavali - 2008-06-02

        Is this features in all the editions or just the commercial editions?

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2008-06-02

      AS Said by sandeep .compiere can be easily customzied and maintained
      whats your company name

    • xamppasdf xamppasdf

      Zoapiere Garment ERP's Industry Background

      Due to the specialities of product and material in garment industry, as well as the pressure from order delivery, the business management of garment enterprise becomes unstable and complex. The exist of many unpredictable problems bring in some high management risks to the enterprises’ management. So each department of the enterprise has to cooperate closely. As soon as they receive the order, they must give an answer of delivery day, design out the style according the customer’s requirement, purchase the source material, eatimate the producing capacity, arrange the manufacturing and make sure the quality to produce the products with high quality etc. Thereinafter, we will give some analysis on the problems existing in garment enterprises:

      Short fashion cycle, strong and various seasonal market
         The short fashion cycle of garments not only manifest in the change of seasonal garments, but also be reflected in the different seasons. These differences may occur in costuming, colours, styles, designs and other aspects. And these demand the garment enterprise’s follow with the seasons to design and develop new producing line, to provide the customers with new products and service continually. This rapid change, on the one hand, can bring lots of opportunity to the enterprises, which also can bring some risks and instabilities to the enterprises’ management.

      high storage and high risk of advanced manufacture
         The garment manufacture must have a period of heading, that is to say to made next year’s products this year. And this demands a market of forcast to make sure the garment material can be put into market in a intending time. While no one is positive he is right all the time. Once there is a short of supply in the market, and the storage is not enough, it is unadvisable to reproduce, because it will result in overstock. It is common that with the development of the enterprise, the warehouse becomes large,and the sales raise several times, but there is no raise capital on account book because of overstock.

      The variety of manufacturing plan

      In the garment industry, the garment manufacturing process is often restricted by the source material’s arriving and quality. Once the material arriving time changed, the whole manufacturing plan changed. It will also result in an excessive capital and high management cost.

      The complex management of various product
         When we talk about garment production, we often refer to the style, colour and size. The amount of production is very huge and there must be a corresponding relation of the same style. The complex manufacturing flow, various working procedure, different manufacturing process of each style, complex management of sample tailor and the existing of many BOM of the same style, all of these above will cause many inconvenience to cost management. At the same time, the main source material for garment manufacture are surface material, linning, adjuvant material etc. they demand much of the material and the management of texture, colour and patch order’s attribute. Moreover, of the same colour, the cloth has different colour number, vat number. When describing the source material, one has to use the colour + colour number to express. Such a vast material imformation needs a refined management but not by manpower. Without rational management, it is easy to cause many needless lost and waste in manufacturing, and lead to low production efficiency and high cost.

      Complicated production staff calculation
         The obvious problems of garment manufacture are many working orders, much turnover and great amount. So it is of great difficulty to follow the orders, to know the manufacturing schedule and statistic. Another difficulty is it’s too complex to calculate the worker’s working ticket and the piecerate, hard to raise the working efficiency.

      Complex business management

      The complexity of the product (that is to say to define a product with style, colour and size) brings into the complicated business management. In the garment industry,the great mount of product attribute makes the complexity of operation increase for several times. Many garment enterprises have to deal with thousands of products, manage a lot of styles, structure, customer identification and even more data. Under such high complex business management, the accurate forcast, material purchasing management, mamufacturing plan and partial sales management are much more important.

    • xamppasdf xamppasdf

          Zoapiere POS ERP

          Industry Background

          Difficulty in Funds Recovering

      All chain & retail companies and retail industry are facing a serious competition .For the one size, every company wants to take up markets in cities through scale enlargement, therefore, they continuously open a new store, cut down price, and have sales promotion to attract customers; For the other size, a new store opening also means much of capitals needed. However, Capital is life of a chain-company or the retail industry. Many retail companies confront capital rupture when taking steps in opening new stores too quickly.

      To solve this problem, the chain-companies and retail industry need to have a basic control on the underling stores. That is to say, the company needs to have good controls of the sales and inventory of every store through price adjusting to attract customer, which do good to capital rolling back quickly.

      POS & ERP System can integrate all the management processes, which can implement the integration of capital, merchandise and personnel. If a chain or retail company cannot control its subsidiary company in investment and financing levels, which will be a great obstacle in the company’s developing process.

      Accumulated Storage

      Firstly, unified platform & supplying can greatly reduce inventory. When the POS & ERP System comes into using, the company can implement sharing one inventory between stores in one region within certain distance, which will greatly improve the stock velocity and capital velocity. Through meeting with upriver sector, A company can realize pre-sales and capital rolling back quickly.


      ERP & POS System can foundationally change the Management and Operation models of Chain Company and the Retail Industry. For example, the resource saving scripless office brings. After the implementation of POS & ERP System, the company can record customer’s information, including family address, phone etc. in a card. When filling a deliver order, it needn’t to write down all the information on a paper order. Simply by swiping the card, all the user information will be input into the system. For a large scale company, POS & ERP System can help to save lots of money in scripless office.

      Setting and Pricing Strategy

      It is very import to have an intensive marketing research and design reasonable Opening Strategy and Pricing Strategy. Opening a new store, taking up market, capital rolling back and reopening a new store become a common goal, as the continuous extension of chain companies and all kinds of retail industries. However, where to set up a new store is knowledge. Many companies’ marketing researches are based on fixed numbers and limited researches, which lead to an erroneous strategy. We have seen so many examples that a new store is closed following its opening in a city. Nowadays, Data Mining technology and Business Intelligence have been greatly improved, which is great helpful to scientific decision-making for company’s top executives. Therefore, Strategy on where to set up a new store or how to price becomes more scientific than before.

    • xamppasdf xamppasdf

            Zoap:The English short form of Zoap Consulting Limited.
            Compiere:The Global Open Source ERP Leader.
            Zoapiere:The industrial solution service based on Compiere.

      For common application requests, Compiere ERP can provide fairly good solutions for an enterprise. However, when facing complex industrial requests , for example: more complex report forms, refined & complex flow control, more specific system foundation data etc, standard version may not meet your needs.To solve this problem, you have to extend its features & functions. ZOAP also provides customized development services according to customers’ requests.That is why we provide Zoapiere service.

    • xamppasdf xamppasdf


      Compiere ERP:

      Compiere是开源ERP软件系统的首选,在全球排名第一,从2000年至今ComPiere已经有全世界范围内的大于1200,000下载用户。ZOAP是Compiere指定的唯一大中华区域合作伙伴。是首家为香港及中国内陆企业提供 Compiere 技术支持、商业解决方案的公司。

      Zoapiere ERP:



    • lee

      lee - 2009-03-16

      u can try alfresco, then integrate to compiere


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