PurchaseOrder for stocked items

  • reinier

    reinier - 2006-03-23


    I've made the following somewhat strange observation with purchase-orders.

    I've got a stocked item with a replenishment-rule 'Order below minimum'.
    I've set the minimum on 5 items.
    My stock minus reservation is 7.

    I've created a salesorder for 1 item. Much to my surprise, a purchase-order for 1 item is created when i start the proces 'create purchase-order from sales-order'.

    I've read that this process tries to create a purchase-order for every line on the sales-order but to me that does not make sense in my scenario. It's a stocked item with enough stock available. Shouldn't Compiere take into account:
    - Stocked item 'y/n'
    - Available stock
    - Replenishment rule

    We do have salesorders with stocked and non-stocked items and it will be a pain to go through these created PO-orders and delete all of which we know that are for supply of stocked items.

    Is there a prober solution for this in compiere or is this simply how compiere works with generated PO's? The manual is not explicit about the process.



    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2006-03-23

      Creat PO form Sales order is designed to create an PO just for that single SO.  If youwant to replenish your stock use replenishment

    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-03-23

      I think when you use the "create purchase order from sales order" functionality you are directing it to create a PO regardless.  Normally you would create the SO and simply ship. If the stock is available a shipment will be created. If not well when you run the warehouse replenishment the needed PO will be created!


    • reinier

      reinier - 2006-03-23

      Kathy, Colin,

      Thanks for your quick replies.

      As mentioned by Kathy, I would expect only the PO for a a single SO, as one can tell from the populated SO-reference on the PO. I indeed only want to replenish stock through replenishment and not through the process 'create PO from SO'.

      From that process 'create PO from SO', i would only like to see SO created for products that are defined as non-stocked items (no replenishment-rules applicable).

      However, the 'Create PO from SO'-process gives me a PO for the stock-item on the SO as well, regardless of the actual stock-level so the process actually is replenishing the stock(and ignoring the replishment-rules, but that may be because it's seems to be doing stuff it shouldn't).

      So I think we agree on the expected behaviour of Compiere. Is there maybe a customizing i've missed?




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