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    doodle - 2008-03-03


    I have a problem with customizing Purchase Order print format. When print is called from purchase order and "Customize Report" clicked, user is taken to Standard Order Hearder, which has been created from template. I can modify this to meet my requirements, change logo and so on. But it's only the header part.

    Next, I find out that formatting of contained rows are apparently coming from print format called C_ORDER_LINETAX_V. OK, I dive deeper to the database to see the corresponding SQL view, and find out that it uses the table C_BPartner_Product to find and print partner product key, if one exists.

    The problem is that this same format is obviously used to both sales and purchase order by default. In case of PO, partner product key should be retrieved from the table M_Product_PO  (shown in the purchasing tab of product window) instead. Seems like the correct way is to create a new view to work like that and define it to be used with PO printing. But where do the binding between the new line data format and PO line? I don't find a field anywhere telling Compiere when to use my RV. Or is this built-in feature that cannot be changed? Only changing the printing header is obvious, but how to override the default of where the line data and formatting comes from?

    Any help appreciated!

    • doodle

      doodle - 2008-03-05

      Responding to my own question:

      Sourceforge bug number 1180613: Purchase Order line to PO Zoom - The Sales Order window appears instead of Purchase Order window when you try to zoom at the P.O. line.

      Sourceforge bug number 1740212: Report from Purchase Order line displays a report called Sales Order Line.

      These bugs should be fixed in Compiere 2.63 and later, but my problem is that I cannot migrate because of lots of customizations and fixes already done in the Compiere source 2.61 that I'm using, deep in the sourcecode.


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