Install Compiere on Apple Mac

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-02-17


    I want to install Compiere on Apple Mac.
    I have allready installed the PostgeSQL 8.4 on Mac.
    I have allready created a folder on the program-location (named: Compiere2)  and I unzipped the Compiere files which I downloaded from Sourceforge to the folder I created (compiere2)  but when I execute the file  RUN_setup.bat    is does NOTHING

    Java is allready standard on the Mac,  I have updated to the newest version of Java.

    So what I have to do to run Compiere on Apple Mac,  who can help me?


  • Mel Haynes Jr

    Mel Haynes Jr - 2010-02-17

    I made an attempt at this a while ago and was not successful. I did find some hints that may help you out though. This was my response to a post almost a year ago when I first started using Compiere


    I found a way around this issue. When looking at the build scripts to build from source, there is a test for the existence of a file called tools.jar. OS X does not have this file ( the functionality is in classes.jar ) so what I did was go to the $JAVA_HOME/lib and create a tools.jar file. To create the file I just created a new text file called tools.txt and inside it, wrote a short description of why I am creating the file and then did a jar command ( jar -cvf tools.jar tools.txt ). Now that this jar file is in the path, the program should not run.


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