How does backorder work?

  • Brian Schoenbaechler

    Here is the scenario can someone tell me if Compiere is working properly?

    I have a quantity of 10 items in stock of product X.

    I enter 3 sales orders:
    Order 1:  Order for QTY 5 of product X
    Order 2:  Order for QTY 10 of product X
    Order 3:  Order for QTY 15 of product X

    The deilvery rules for all three orders is Ship if Available.
    I complete the orders.

    I generate shipments for the 3 orders to the prepared state.

    Problem: All three orders show 10 items available and the ordered amount on backorder.  How come Compiere does not reserve the quantities of each order as it is completed.

    I would think the process should work like this.
    Order 1:  Order shipped complete
    Order 2:  Shipped QTY 5 and 5 Back ordered
    Order 3:  15 Backordered and not shipment generated.

    Any help is greatly appreciated?


    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-06-15

      Hi Brian
      I understand your confusion, but you didn't do anything wrong.. that's just how it works!
      The goods aren't really reserved it just reduces the Qty available when you prepare or complete the Order. 
      Unless you use the delivery rule force it should only actually allow you to ship the 10 physial products.   Which order gets the product will depend on which shipment you complete first.  I think if you use the "Shipment Generation" process it will select the order based on the order priority!


      • Brian Schoenbaechler

        Thanks for your quick response!

        What about if I complete the orders in a batch process?  How will it know which order actually received the inventory.

        Is there a way to truly "reserve inventory" once the order is completed?

        If I could allocate the inventory to the order upon order entry it would be a much better process.

        It seems like a bad idea to allocate inventory on the backend.  I see too much room for error.

        Any work around suggestions with batch shipment complete processes?


    • Brian Schoenbaechler

      I do not believe that Compiere allocates the inventory until the Shipment is in a Complete Status.  Therefore, I think I might be able to process shipments in batch as Complete instead of Prepare and the inventory will be allocated to each order instead of being placed into a generic reserved bucket.  I am going to do some testing. 

      I expected inventory to be allocated upon completing the order rather than completing the shipment.  However, this would probably have eliminated the ability to Re-activate a shipment.


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