Ben Harris
  • Ben Harris

    Ben Harris - 2006-03-30

    Can Compiere do consignment stock and if so, how?

    • Manny

      Manny - 2006-03-31

      We also need consignment stock option. We have 6 sales person on field with inventory. They sell from their stock and return balance stock only at the end of a week so we need to monitor stock w/ each sales person. Also, they give our product to some retailers on consignment.

      Can this be done?

      • ghat

        ghat - 2006-03-31

        You can maintain your 6 sales persons as 6 warehouses. In beginning you can transfer the goods ( Inventory ) to those “Mobil” warehouse. End of the week you can transfer the goods back to your main Stores ( warehouse) form mobile  warehouses. I think this will help you to monitor the good withheld with your sales persons.

    • Manny

      Manny - 2006-03-31

      Yes that would be good as far as sale persons are concerned. However, is it possible to create 1 warehouse as our Consignment Warehouse?

      When we give out goods to retailers on consignment, i was thinking to Transfer to that warehouse from our main warehouse however, at this time we want to record customers' name while doing warehouse to warehouse transfer.

      Since the retailers are more then 100 we cannot define all retailers as a warehouse.

      If there is 1 additional field to capture customers' name for transfers within warehouse, it would be great. Then we can pull out a report (from warehoure to warehouse transfer records) by retailers to see stock with them.

      When we get information from retailers that certain number of quantities are sold, we can create SO followed by Invoice from Consignment warehouse to that retailer.

      So from stock movement records (warehouse transfer transaction for Goods In and SO transaction for Goods Out will give us actual inventory on consignment at each retailer. Since we have retailers name onboth transaction.

      I don't know if this is possible with this software. Do let me know otherwsie.

    • Ben Harris

      Ben Harris - 2006-04-04

      I'm glad to see someone asking the same kind of question that I am.

      I am about to implement Compiere for a branch of the company I work for that does consignment with their customers a LOT, and if there is a way to do it without having use a workaround(from what I've seen there isn't), then I'd much prefer that.

      My situation is similar to Manny's where defining individual warehouses for each customer is not an option due to the sheer number of them.


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