"Under Limit Price" and Purchase Order

  • Andrea

    Andrea - 2006-06-16

    Hi all,

    Compiere usually warns the user if (e.g. in an order) he/she enters a price that is BELOW the limit price.
    IMHO this is correct for sales orders (in which you might be warried if you sell something under-cost) but is quite unuseful for purchase order.
    In this situation you should be warned if the price you enter is ABOVE the limit price (you shouldn't care if someone sells you something with too low cost).

    Am I correct?
    Does anybody implemented an "Over limit price" functionality?
    any clue in how to implement it?

    Thanks in advance & best regards,


    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-06-16

      Hi Andrea

      You are right!  For a purchase price list schema I just set the limit price to "Fixed" and Zero, but an upper price limit would be more practical.

      If you can modify code it shouldn't be a big change to implement the functionality as you suggested above ... the pricelist does already have a flag to indicate if it's a sales price list or not so a small modification to the CalloutOrder class, which actually does the check, would be all that's required.

      You could also post this as a Support Request as it is actually a bug ... kathy might then  reclassify it as such and it might be changed in future versions!


      • Andrea

        Andrea - 2006-06-16

        thanks for the suggestion Colin!
        it seems not so hard to change CalloutOrder..
        I think I will check for sales pricelist or not and do the right check (price>limit if this is a purchase pricelist, price<limit if sales pricelist)


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