backorder issue

  • brfrcaus

    brfrcaus - 2007-02-01

    I am facing an issue regarding the creation of back-oorders

    I have a business partner (BP), let us assume C&W Construction.
    This BP has the following configuration:
    Invoice Rule: Immediate
    Delivery Rule: Availability
    Payment Rule: CC
    Payment Term: Immediate
    Dunning: No Dunning

    I created a Sales Order to this BP, which the following configuration:

    POS Order
    HQ Warehouse

    Just one order item: Patio Furniture Set: Quantity Available 0 (zero)

    I completed the process.

    Compiere generated automatically a shipping and an invoice document. The shipping document (printed version) indicated that no item was backordered (which in my opinion is not the correct behavior)

    Also, in a unpredictable way, the shipping tab indicated under warehouse section:

    Warehouse: HQ Warehouse
    Delivery Rule: Force (I do not know why)
    Sales representative: GardenAdmin

    I understand that the delivey rules indicated in the BP should be applied. Why the shipping document is indicating Force? What the item was not back-ordered?

    I am using the lastest version of Compiere.

    The Shipping document

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2007-02-02

      i think it assumes that if it is a pos order, the customer has the product in his hand, so you must have stock even if the system shows differently

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2007-02-05

      pos and stock orders always use force as the delivery rule (as the customer is taking the product with them)


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