Compiere Process Industry specific functionalities?

  • Martin Taal

    Martin Taal - 2014-08-16

    I am interested in Compiere specifically to see if it can be used in the process industry. What is the functional coverage of Compiere regarding process industry specific requirements (such as recipes/formulas, quality control, lot control)?

    Are there examples of pure process industry implementations of Compiere or Compiere partners who implemented Compiere in those industries?

    Thanks for any insight in this!

    gr. Martin


    ADAXA - 2014-09-16

    Hi Martin,
    As there are no Compiere specific responses..
    We implemented Compiere in a process industry many years ago. It worked quite well in an environment where the made products were able to be set up as a batch and given a manufacturing work order number. All made product and some consumed product was lot number controlled.
    These days we would implement Adempiere instead. Some functionality is described here that may be of interest... look for item 4.1

    (edit: note the described functionality is in ADempiere and IDempiere)

    best wishes

    Last edit: ADAXA 2014-09-16

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