How to handle MATERIAL RETURNS (sign of qty)

  • RO2007

    RO2007 - 2007-04-11

    I use "Import File Loader" to import automaticaly sales transactions from an external system (POS system). It works well with the "normal" sales,
    but i can't handle easily the material returns (in a store, a client bring back a broken item for example). With the automatic importation, COMPIERE
    transform the negatives quantities in positives quantities. In the warehouse, the storage quantities decrease instead of increase...

    When i put manually a negative quantity in a "\\SALES ORDER\Return Material" or "\\SALES ORDER\POS ORDER", it seems to work well. But what about
    the invoicing and the account ? Hhow will they react with negative quantities ?

    Any help or suggestion will be appreciated !

    • RO2007

      RO2007 - 2007-04-12

      Auto answer after posting in the support forum.

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      Setting data type to string allow the use of neg. numbers.
      So now, i can handle material return lines in "POS ORDER"
      Have a good day !


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