Cannot set discount percent

  • doodle

    doodle - 2008-03-10

    I cannot set discount percent in PO line (not sure if it works on any other context either). If list price of the product is 0.53 and user enters, say, 5 to the discount %, the Compiere suddenly changes it to 100% and then it stays there. If user puts 0% or whatever to the field again, it is automatically changed back to 100%.

    I tested changing price higher, 500.00. Then percentage of 2 can be entered, but 1% for example, is automatically changed to 0. Price precision is -1 (no rounding), so 1 % of 500 shouldn't be too hard to calculate...


    • surya

      surya - 2008-10-13

      On which version you done this because as per my point of view, it's perfectly fine and there is no issue on this.

      Kindly confirm on



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