Exporting to Excel, issue with numbers > 1000

  • Yan

    Yan - 2009-04-15


    I got a report that i exported into a txt file.
    When I import it into Excel (2003), i a got an issue with numbers > 1000 ; Excel doesn't understand them as numbers but as text !!
    Thus, it is difficult to use them...

    I have to replace manually the thousand separator to complete the operation.

    Is there a way to automate this operation ?

    I try to import the same file on OpenOffice and it works fine !
    But people are using Excel and doesn't want to use another application....

    Any idea,



    • Yan

      Yan - 2009-04-15

      there is another problem with fields like Location ones, which contains more thant one line...

      The generated file should contains DocNo / BPartner / GrandTotal / Location / Description.

      I was expecting one line, i got 4 !!!!!!!

      This looks like :

      "DocumentNo"    "Business Partner"    "GrandTotal"    "Address1
      ZIP City"    "Description(line1)
      Description (line2)"

      Any idea to manage this ?



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