Payment Term Due Date and Invoice Form Issue

  • Tuedec

    Tuedec - 2006-12-28

    I have a question on Compiere.  We are testing Compiere 2.5.3a in our office.  When creating an Invoice (Invoice(Customer)), I noticed that when I choose a Payment Term of Net 30 Days (as defined in our Payment Term), it doesn't show up automatically in the Payment Schedule Due Date and you have to enter the Due date manually. I expect that with a payment term of 30 days, the Due
    Date in the Payment Schedule would automatically change to the appropriate date (30 days after the invoice date).  Is there a way to achieve this? Or is this by design?  ...or a bug?

    Also, since the Invoice is using the Print Format Invoice_Header and thus the Table: C_Invoice_Header_v_C_Invoice_Header_v, how could I make the Due Date appear in the Invoice Form when printed?

    Thanks a lot for any input.

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2006-12-28


      What do you mean by payment schedule due date? are you talking about a window or a document? I don't understand what do you mean....

      Enrique R.

      • Tuedec

        Tuedec - 2006-12-28

        When creating an Invoice (Customer), you would need to enter a Payment Term (i.e. Immediate, Net 30 Days, etc).  Then in the Payment Schedule tab (in the same Invoice(Customer) window), there is the Due Date.  I would expect that when you enter a payment term of let say Net 30 Days, the Due Date in the Payment Schedule Tab would automatically show 30 days after the Invoice Date.  But this is not the case because it still expecting an input for the Due Date.


    • Cap Barthodia

      Cap Barthodia - 2006-12-28

      Hi tuedec,

      If you want to see due date in you invoice, you have to add the following function in C_INVOICE_HEADER_V and C_INVOICE_HEADER_VT
      paymenttermduedate (i.C_Paymentterm_ID,i.dateInvoiced) AS DueDate

      hope that help


      Cap Barthodia / Axilom

      • Tuedec

        Tuedec - 2006-12-28

        Hi Geoffroy,
        Thanks for your reply. 
        I'm sorry, but how would I add those functions? 
        Thanks for  your help.


    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2006-12-29

      You may find that the payment schedule tab only has entries if there is a complex payment term like 50% in 30 days and 50% in 60 days.... you can easily test in gardenworld (I dont have a system to check it)

      Even if there is only a single payment (like 30 days) the invoice will still appear in the aging report.



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