Taking Orders on Handhelds

  • DSG_Stephen

    DSG_Stephen - 2005-05-05

    I have a potential customer who wants to take orders on a handheld device like a Palm Pilot or an IPAQ which he can then return to the office and synchronise with Compiere which will then process the orders as normal.

    The only option I can think of so far is to record the orders on an excel spreadsheet on the hand-held device then import them into Compiere but this seems very clumsy especially as the amount of customers and orders rise.

    Is anyone doing anything with hand-helds or have any suggestions as to the best way ahead?

    • kstan

      kstan - 2005-06-28

      Is it support wireless network? Why don't using windows terminal services or VNC?

    • thumbs_up

      thumbs_up - 2006-02-14

      We have successfully produced a number of data collection apps sync'ing with desktop MSAccess, and more recently with central MSSQL server via internet (cable sync at PC 'host' with internet connection).

      Take a look at VisualCE (syware.com) - a visual/wysiwyg app development platform will sync to remote databases using ODBC DSN, and also has a mobile sync product for WiFi and GPRS type connections (see mEnable at same site).


    • compiere.computing-business.com


      The solution depends on whether the mobile device has network access (TCP/IP in particular).

      If yes, one can create a simple POS program to capture the orders on the mobile devices. The orders are stored on the local mobile device, when orders are created. Whenever the network is available, Compiere Extension is available to synchronize automatically with Compiere.

      If not, a HotSync program (another Compiere Extension) has to be created when the device is sitting on the cradle.

      Hope this helps.

      Computing Business Inc.


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