Partial cash pre-payment

  • reinier

    reinier - 2006-01-22

    Hello all,

    I'm working on a demo for a retailer who's considering Compiere for his business. The initial steps of his typical sales-orderprocess include the convert from non-binding offer to a salesorder.

    The salesorder is for non-stock goods that need to be ordered en shipped.

    Before starting the purchase-orderprocess, the customer needs to do a pre-payment of 20% of the total salesorder-amount. Nine out of ten cases, the customer pays this advance payment in cash or ATM.

    At this stage, a invoice is not yet appropiate because the customer will receive his invoice when goods are delivered and he makes the final payment (either cash/creditcard/ATM)

    This is were i run into trouble. When i select 'cash' as the paymentmethod on the salesorder, I will end up with an entry in the Cash-journal. Seems nice but this is the full order-amount which cannot be changed into anything else (i've tried).

    When i select 'Account' as the payment-method, i can manually put in a line in the cash-journal, but as general costs. Does not seem very appropiate and requires manual paymentmatching.

    Creating the invoice at this time (as explained not very logical) still does not solve my problem because again, the manual entry of a cash-payment in the cash-journal still does not allow a partial payment when the invoice is selected.

    Sooo.... I'm stuck here.

    Has anyone experienced this problem as well? Is there a proper 'Compiere'-way of dealing with partial Cash-payment?

    Thanks for your time,

    Reinier Vis

    • reinier

      reinier - 2006-02-02

      Hello all,

      I think i've posted this question in the wrong forum. Moved it to the accounting-chat.




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