FrenchMarco - 2006-05-28

I'm installing, not update, compiere version 2.5.3b.

I'm using Apache-tomcat as Application Server.

If I install/Deploy compierre using RUN_SETUP, Apache server crashes because the server.xml is wrong.

So, I've modified it manually and Apache-tomcat is now active. (Apache-tomcat : version 5.0.17)

I've deployed manually, using WAR files, compiere and wstore applications but I get :
*** 2006-05-28 15:59:57.045 Compiere Log (CLogFile) ***
-----------> Ini.loadProperties: not found

*** 2006-05-28 16:07:25.049 Compiere Log (CLogFile) ***

in the compiere log file.

After that, Apache-tomcat never returns. (blocked)

thank you

best regards