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Quote to Order?

  • hameedohh

    hameedohh - 2007-01-10

    I am currently working on Compiere. I am trying to implement a Qoute to invoice. However, I am Facing many difficulties. Could anyone provide me with a quick guide to implement Quote to invoice.
    Any help will be highly apperciated.

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-10


      First you have to SetUp Business Partner

      1.1    Open Business Partner SetUp Workflow
      1.1.1    Define Business Partner Groups
      -    Revise Accounting Tab
      1.1.2    Payment Terms
      -    Example: 2% 10 Net 30 Days
      1.1.3    Witholding
      1.1.4    Dunning Levels

      2.1    Insert a New Business Partner
      2.1.1    Select Business Partner Group
      -    Credit Status
      2.1.2    Click on the Customer TAB, select
      -    Invoice Rule, Delivery Rule, Price List, Discount Schema, etc.
      2.1.3    Click on the Vendor TAB, select
      -    Payment Rule, Purchase PriceList, PO Payment Term
      2.1.4    Click on the Bank TAB, select
      -    Account Type, Account No., Account Name (BP’s Name)
      2.1.5    Click on Location TAB, select
      -    Address, City, State, Country
      2.1.6    Click on User TAB, select
      -    Name, E-Mail, Greeting..

      3.1    Query Credit Status
      3.1.1    Goto Business Partner Window
      -    Use Advanced Search,
      -    Select Credit Status Column, and
      -    Filter on a specific Credit Statuts
      3.2    Setup Credit Status
      3.2.1    Goto Business Partner Window
      -    Select a Business Partner
      -    Goto Customer Tab
      -    Change Credit Status

      Then you can run the quote to invoice process, such as

      1    Quotations
      1.1    Open the Sales Order Window
      1.1.1    Create a Quotation Header
      -    Insert a New Record
      -    Select Document Type as quotation
      -    Select a Business Partner and fill out the required fields (pink)
      -    Select a Sales Representative
      -    Review/Update optional fields such as PriceList, Currency and Payment Term
      -    Save the Record
      1.1.2    Create Quotation Lines
      -    Select Order Line Tab at Sales Order window
      -    Select a Product from Product Info Window
      -    Set the Quantity and review the Price
      -    Save the Order Line
      -    Add additional products
      1.1.3    Complete Quotation
      -    Go Back to Order Header selecting the TAB
      -    Complete the Document

      2    Sales Orders
      2.1    How to Convert a Quotation into a Sales Order
      2.1.1    Quote Convert Process
      -    Select the Quote Convert process button
      -    Select previous quotation from dialog pop up window
      -    Select document type of Standard Order
      -    Press the OK button
      2.1.2    Sales Order Verification
      -    Select the generated Sales Order.
      -    Select Order Line TAB from the sales order window
      -    Update product quentity and price as required
      2.1.3    Complete and Post Sales Order
      -    Verify and Complete Sales Order

      3    Customer Invoice
      3.1    Generate Customer Invoice from Sales Order
      3.1.1    Select Generate Invoice Process button
      -    Select previous Sales Order from dialog pop up window
      -    Select invoice date and press OK
      -    Additionally print invoices if required
      3.1.2    Verify Customer Invoice
      -    Select the generated Customer Invoice
      -    Browse through the Invoice Header TAB and the Invoice Line TAB
      -    You can’t modify Invoice Lines.
      3.1.3    Complete and Post Customer Invoice
      -    Verify the status of Invoice as completed.

      4    Shipments
      4.1    Generate a Shipment from a Sales Order
      4.1.1    Create a Shipment Customer Header
      -    Select Shipment window from Shipments Menu
      -    Create a New Record
      -    Select the Sales Order from the Sales Order Info window
      -    Select MM Shipment as Document Type
      -    Update optional fields
      4.1.2    Create Shipment Customer Lines
      -    Select Shipment Line Tab at Shipment window
      -    Select Order Line from the Sales Order field
      -    Update product quantities if required
      -    Add more Shipment Lines as required
      4.1.3    Complete and Post Shipment
      -    Verify the status of Invoice as completed.
      -    Go Back to Shipment Header selecting the TAB
      -    Complete the Document

      Hope this helps!

      Enrique Ruibal

    • hameedohh

      hameedohh - 2007-01-10

      Thank you for your help. I really apperciate it.
      I am going to try your guide.
      Thank you Again

    • hameedohh

      hameedohh - 2007-01-11


      I have been following the steps and everything was OK until I reached the step 1.1.2 in the part where it says "Select a Product from Product Info Window ". Since I did not have Products setup already, I went to create some products. I followed the workflow product setup but again more difficulties. Could you give me the steps to create products and adding the quantity of a specific product to the inventory.

      Thank You again for your help.

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-11


      Setting up Compiere is a bit more complex than following up a list of order to set up Products, you first have to define Price Lists, but price lists rely on a previously defined price list schema and so on...

      Are you evaluating Compiere just for learning ...or for business purposes?

      I can help you remotely if you want, contact me by sourceforge e-mail.


      Enrique Ruibal

    • hameedohh

      hameedohh - 2007-01-13

      I am working on Compiere for learning. I have an assignment that involves implementing quote to order cycle using Compiere. If I were using for business, I would buy the user manual. However, I am a student and can not afford it. This is why I came to the forums asking for help and you were very helpful. However, I am still stuck in setting up the products. Could you help me?

      Thank you

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-13


      You can take a look at GardenWorld and see how it is configured there, check out Price List Schema window first en then go to Price List window, you need to define both of these first before you Set Up Products.



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