Shippment (Customer) and sales order

  • jcorrea

    jcorrea - 2008-02-07

    1) Is possible make a "Shippment (customer)" without a sales order in Compiere (2.6.1) using a standard? I saw that this is possible when entering in materials receipts.

    2) When I'm doing a Shippment (customer), the system make me choose a SO. When I will search the SO all are showed, including closed and complete SO. The list is very big and increasing. Is possible show only "complete" SO to start a shipp process in standard?

    3) When I complete or close a shippment, and SO doesn't have any other line, is possible SO close automatically or I need go to SO picture and close order by order?

    4) Is possible i make a out of inventory direct from Sales Order, without use the Shippment (customer) picture.



    • surya

      surya - 2008-10-13

      1) This is happening in the Material Receipt because there you have to enter the header manually and then you have to attach the PO by using the "create lines from" button but if dont use that button then it is possible only but then logic behind will be waste and you are not able to find out that this Material Receipt is against which purchase order and also the invoice.

      But in case of Shipment "order" field is mandatory and you must have to enter the order otherwise the entry will not save.

      2)Here you have to put the dynamic validation on the SO field or if you know the SO number then you use the % sign in the document number field to search it(like %03). This make your search easy.

      3) You have to go to SO and close it.

      4) yes, it is possible to create invoice directly without using the shipment. Use the "Generate invoice" process.

      I hope this will help you.



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