Adding pricelist to product

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-01-18


    I have more then 400 items.  I have 2 pricelists (Purchase and Sales).
    Now I have to add for  all the 400 items, each for each a Sales Pricelist and a Purchase Pricelist.
    So I have to enter 400 * 2 = 800 pricelist  :)

    Is there any other method to do this automatically or in an other way? This take a lot of time.

    by the way, the purchasing tab, in the product table, is not filled with purchase price or other data.

    kind regards,

  • aladin

    aladin - 2010-02-08

    Not sure if you have resolved yet. But a couple of options:

    1) Import Product > Price list
    This also imports prices as well as products. If you have a spreadsheet (csv file) with the 400 products and the prucahse price, then import in using:
    - Import Loader Format (map the fields in the spreadhseet to the Compiere fields)
    - Import Loader (import a specific spreadheet)
    - Import Prroduct.

    Import Product will ask for a price list to import into and won't create duplicate products (as long as the Search Key on the product and in the spreadsheet are the same).

    Repeat for sales price list.

    2) Import Product > Purchasing tab
    The advantage of populating the purchasing tab is that some of this info is used when using the Replenishment Report, and also allows for different currencies for different products.

    Import the prices via Import Product (as described above) into the Purchaseing tab.
    - Create a Discount Schema for the purchasing price list (the window also controls price lists!) that picks up the prices on the Purchasing tab.
    - Create a purchasing Price List and link the price list to the purchasing Discount Schema.
    - Run the process Create Price List (or something similar- I have no Compiere to look at) in the Price List window. This should copy the product > Purchasing prices to the price list with a currency conversion if required.

    For the sale price list - if the sales price list is based on the purchasing prices plus a markup then repeat above, otherwise use option (1) Create a sales discount schema and add in the discount % as a negative value (i.e. a markup!).


  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-02-08

    Thanks Jeff,

    But I had allready manual inserted the products, and after that manually the pricelist.
    So for the next time, I will use teh IMPORT DATA functionality.

    Thanks again Jeff



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