Shipment document status

  • sbcmac4

    sbcmac4 - 2006-06-23

    When the document status is Complete for the order... What is the difference between the Reverse-Correct document action and the Void document action?  They both create another document that puts the inventory back in stock, and it will also generate another shipment document the next time I generate shipments.

    So what is the difference and when do I use the two different document types?

    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-06-23

      When you reverse-correct an order you can make changes then comlpete it again... but when you void a document it's reversed and in effect closed so you can process it no further!

      So if you made a mistake on a document you would reverese, correct the mistake and complete it again.

      But if you wanted to scrap the document completely (perhaps it was created in duplicate by mistake!?) then you would void it!

      or at least that's my understanding of it :-)



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