Accidentally deleted gardenworld role

Thom Hahne
  • Thom Hahne

    Thom Hahne - 2006-07-10

    Hi all,

    When I was creating users and their roles I accidentally deleted de gardenworld role I think.
    At least I can not enter the gardenworld case anymore.

    When I choose the gardenworld role, the client and organization stays empty. And in the bottom of the login screen the message says: “role missing or incomplete”

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

    • RAM

      RAM - 2006-07-10

      Hi Thahne,

      ReExecute the script RUN_ImportCompiere in the $COMPIERE_HOME/utils directory.

      But pay attention you will erease all data and restart your database Compiere, all your modifications since your first install are erased


    • Thom Hahne

      Thom Hahne - 2006-07-10

      Hi Raouf,

      I realy don't want that becaus we have compiere already so far that we can go live any moment. Isn't there a less spectaculair solution?

      at least thanks for your fast response!

      Greetings Thom Hahné

      • Andrea

        Andrea - 2006-07-10

        are you using oracle as DB?
        if yes and if you are running in ARCHIVELOG mode you can undo the transaction via FLASHBACK DATABASE (or something like that) just in the point of time before the deletion?

        I'm not an Oracle expert but I have played around with flashback funcionality (for flashback queries only) and it's incredible! :-)



        • Yves Sandfort

          Yves Sandfort - 2006-07-10

          Why not use Migration toolkit to revert the gardenworld client to it's defaults, as you normally would not have created your mods in there...



    • Thom Hahne

      Thom Hahne - 2006-07-11

      I don't think I deleted the gardenworld client. But only the role to acces this case. Isn't there a simple method to create a new role for it?

      Thanks already


      • Yves Sandfort

        Yves Sandfort - 2006-07-11

        The easiest way is the migration toolkit, it would cleanup GardenWorld to the install state while leaving your other clients as they are.


    • Thom Hahne

      Thom Hahne - 2006-07-13

      Hi Yves,

      I did the migration and gardenworld works again. So now I can play with it.




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