ismet sener - 2010-01-29

When I try to access TAX DECLARATION session, I cannot access the window, I receive the next message:

With you current role and settings, you cannot view this information

You don't have the privileges (your Role does not allow to access the information) - or - set profile (e.g. if you want to see accounting records, Show Accounting must be set) (No Window Model Info)

VERY strange, because before I had access without any problem.
I looked again in Tools-Preferences - show accounting tabs is ON
I have access to ALL OTHER windows without any problem
I have run ROLE_UPDATE  but does not help.

Please help me

With kind regards,

I tried also in other clients:  GARDEN_WORLD,  TEST_client,
but in all the clients I have the same message.

I tried Role_update but it does not help