perlwriter - 2006-05-30

Hello everyone,

New Compiere user. I have a test environment built to determine if the POS routines can function easy and fast enough to work in a retail store that has 240 transactions a day and cashiers that need something that runs 'like a cash register'.

Can I hear back from anyone (and this is for a lot of people making the same exploration) what exact hardware they used, PC/cash drawer(s)/pole display/thermal receipt printer/slot scanner/wireless scanner

Also, what files have the character stream 'print' routines for the POS functionality. I would expect to see a output that gets directed to say the thermal printer, or trigger drawer opening based on a control code 'printed' to the POS station and another to close the printer port behind it and direct the output to the pole display.

Where would I find these routines?

Many thanks