msmsms777 - 2006-02-08


I am looking into compiere along with user manual of 2.5.3a.
The problem have occurred in material receipt confirmation of chapter 6 purchasing.
The scenario is as below:

0. at first, we have to define the document type as MM Receipt with confirmation.
1. we create a material receipt with MM Receipt with confirmation.
   for example, receipt line is 12 peaces for any product.
   and the status become in process after we process this docuemnt to complete.
2. next, we open the confirmation screen and set 10 peaces into confirmed quantity field.
   then we process this document to complete and split shipment/receipt and ship/receipt
   confirmation is created.
3. return to material receipt window and complete the document with 10 peases.
   then go to a new material receipt document and zoom to the confirmation.
4. in this situation, if the product was short shipped and we in fact received only 10,
   the confirmed quantity remains at 0 and complete this document. then the invoice
   ( credit memo ) was created.

my problem is that compiere cannot the invoice ( credit memo ) when the product is short
shipped. I think that my configuration for document type is wrong.

The target document type is MM Receipt with confirmation and MM Receipt Difference

Could you teach the setting for document type to me ?