How to setup a product?

  • SunJen

    SunJen - 2006-03-24

    After I installed Compiere, I couldn't find the menu or command to setup a product. Anyone has the same issue? Any help is appreciated.

    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-03-24

      If you enter "product" in the yellow box on the right below the menu, and press return that will search the menu for the text you enetered... in this case product.  Just keep pressing reurn to get it to go to the next menu item with the text.

      There is a workflow for setting up products at Material Management->Material Management Rules->Product Setup. This will tell you what supporting items need to be setup for products such as product categories and warehouses etc...
      The products themselves are maintained in Material Management->Material Management Rules->Product.

      If you are new to compiere I would strongly suggest that you purchase the manual (online from compiere)... it's $50 but it's just under 1,000 pages of well written, detailed documentation.

      good luck and enjoy



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