• V G

    V G - 2005-09-23

    I want to learn the answers of the questions below;
    1) is payment process free from other processes such as; invoice, sales order. if not what is the exact relation?
    2) when i record a payment where is it record about the customer?
    3) Is there any document that explains sales order-invoice-payment relation?

    thank you for your help..

    • lofx

      lofx - 2005-09-23


      1) the payment process is independent in the sense that is not stablished in the sales or purchase workflow like order-shipment/receipt-invoice. Nevertheless, the relation is that you usually link a payment with an invoice, and if you use a prepay order, in which you have to pay the order so that you can generate the shipment and the invoice

      2) if you explore the payment window, you will see that there is a field to indicate the business partner. also through the invoice you can consult the business partner, and if you go to business partner info, you can look up the payments made by that customer as well.

      3) the compiere user doc, available for purchase at explains the payment process.

      Hope it helps,


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