Natsumi_Apple - 2006-10-05

We will do the business about trading; we set the item for the product by packing. For example, if we’d like to sell the grape juice, we will set up 3 items.

The first item (0001) for grape juice with packing 3x4 (one carton compose of 3 pack and one pack compose of 4 each).
The second item (0002) for grape juice having pack 1x16 (one carton compose of 16 each).
The third items (0003) for grape juice having pack 2x6 (one carton compose of 2 pack and each pack compose of 6 each).

Moreover, we have the item for promotion, we set the item of promotion is 0004. Some time, we can move the item 0001 to be 0004 to be the item promotion to customer in the case of free of charge in order to do sales promotion to customer.  In each item can be the item of promotion. When considering the each product. It’s the same product (grape juice). It’s different items because of different packing.

Anyone knows how I can change these items in Compiere. And what function can we use in Compiere.

We have the policy for set pricing that we will not change pricing in sales order; so, we cannot change the same items to be zero.

Pls, give me the guideline for mange this problem.

Thank you in advance.