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adding more than 1 product when creating PO ?

  • cry6a6y

    cry6a6y - 2007-11-04

    Hey people,
    I'm totally new to Compiere and having to learn how to use Compiere for my final year project.

    - I have a little problem on how can I add more than 1 product when creating the Purchase Order.
    - Does the PR have to be approved first before the PO can be created?

    Please enlighten me.
    Thank you in advance!

    • doodle

      doodle - 2007-11-09

      Note that you can do Purchase Order can be done in 3 ways, from a Requisition, manually or from Sales Order.
      If you do that manually, I think it's not more than adding new entries under Purchase Order window in the PO line tab.

      Also note that Purchase Order is optional, you can enter your Receipts without it also.

      The 900-page Compiere manual for about 50$ is helpful in this kind of questions.
      About approval, don't know. May depend on is it created under admin or user role.

    • doodle

      doodle - 2007-11-09

      Go under >"Security" > "Role"

      If "Approve own Documents" checkbox is unchecked (seems to be default off for user level),
      manual states that any documents entered by this role must be approved (by admin).


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