Creation of an offer with no detaillines

  • Peter Langenberg


    On our offers we put only :

    Repair of your PC
    Replacing Memory
    Replacing Power Supply              : 75 Euro

    But in the detail of the offer in our system, we put the exact materials we use for it. We don't always know witch memorybrand we'll use and so on ...

    We can use the bill of material (BOM), but then we have to create every time a new BOM article for every PC we repair, this would be crazy ...

    How do I do this in compiere ? Speed is very important, because our sales is very busy ...

    Or is it possible to make a sort of recepy we can use, and fill in at the time we create the order ?

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2006-12-21

      have a look at BOM Drop function.
      also look at creating a standard document and then using the "copy lines from" button so you can copy the lines from your template.

      • Peter Langenberg

        Looked at it ... BOM Drop is nice, but also quite slow ... I first have to create and save the orderheader, then leave the program, then goto BOM, do a lookup from the ordernumber (I've to memorise it ...) and then start the procedure. When I do it it does not copy the BOM in my order (in the GardenAdmin it does !) but it doesn't indicate WHY it doesn't work ...

        I can indeed create a standard document and use the copy from, but is there a way to create the BOM from within the order entry ?

        I think I've to put the description in the commentline of the orderheader and not print the detail lines of the order ...

        But the users want to have the possibility to use more then one product (master product) on an order ... Grrrrrrrrrrrr

        Thanx for your reaction ...

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2006-12-21

      You could also leave a blank product search key and just use the description field to fill in all that you want to put in your quote, then afterwards you can reopen the quote and change it to either products you actually used to fullfill that customer's order.

      This is more flexible and easy, I guess...


      Enrique Ruibal

      • Peter Langenberg

        Hi Enrique,

        Yes, I see, but the problem I have is that Compiere still needs to make the calculation of the price so the salesperson knows the price. But he still has to be able to change it ...




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