Selling service over a month

  • mmzapatero

    mmzapatero - 2006-10-06

    Hi there,

    I'd like to know if Compiere covers nowadays the selling of a service during a specific period of time. Let's say, I sell the service of phone answering for november and december.

    As a service, I can't see how this is sold and settled for those months. As a resource (which it isn't, because it's nothing material), the model doesn't fit either because the service should be sold for the same months for anyone (not single assingment in resource type) but for that BP that already bought it.

    Thanks in advance and best regards.

    • Yves Sandfort

      Yves Sandfort - 2006-10-06


      we are just integrating a contract model definition in the Compiere-NMA Subproject, there you might be able to run this. But this needs integration in your infrastructure, but this might solve your problem.

      You can define contracts with one time fees, recurring fees, dependenat fees, qtyfees with flexible intervals, partime invoices etc. etc.


      • DigitalArmour

        DigitalArmour - 2006-10-06


        You have an ETA for this?

        The "subscription" feature is not implemented in Compiere. Is there any plan or roadmap for this?


        • Yves Sandfort

          Yves Sandfort - 2006-10-07

          Base stuff is rolled out with 2 customers now. I think we will make it public as soon as the base bugs are closed i.e. 2-3 months as we have partnerconf and training in between.



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