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  • Stefanot

    Stefanot - 2008-01-17

    We are a company that have to choice between Openbravo and Compiere for our internal operations.
    Which of the two softwares you advice to us, and why?

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2008-01-17


      That is a decision that depends on your specific business requirements and the kind of expectations you have from the software itself and the level of support that you expect from the vendor and/or either Compier/Adempiere partner.

      I will gladly help u hold an evaluation process based on Compiere and you can do the same along with OpenBravo, and only after that I guess you'd be really sure of the decision you make.

      Please contact me at SF email address should you require professional support on this regard.

      Enrique Ruibal

    • Adhitya

      Adhitya - 2008-02-27

      Hi Stefanot,

      Just wanna add some thing from Ruibal point of view. Actually before I turned into Compiere I've already examined Openbravo for some time. And I must admit that Openbravo is the best fork for Compiere (even better than Adempiere). But it has a major drawback. It was designed to fit European country model.


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