Cannot approve requisition

  • doodle

    doodle - 2007-11-09


    I cannot approve requisition made by GardenWorld user using the GardenWorld example client.

    Let's take an example:

    Login as GW user -> Requisitions -> Make one with one line, for example 500 grass planters.
    -> choose "Complete". Status changes to "In progress" (not to "Not Posted" as the manual states).

    Login as GW admin -> There is a new item in Requests tab, corresponding to one we just created. I choose "yes" in select box and click Green OK on down left corner (there is not any other process button available that the manual refers to). Request disappears.

    Login as GW user -> Requisitions -> there is a text "Not Approved".

    I found out the error in the workflow activities: "Cannot approve - No approver".
    -> I went to window Role and set GW admin as a supervisor to GW user that was empty before.
    -> did a Role Access Update
    -> No effect.

    What's wrong?

    • Jorg Janke

      Jorg Janke - 2007-11-09

      is the total more than the approval limit for GardenAdmin.  If so and no supervisor defined for GardenADmin and no supervisor defined for the organization then there is no one to approve it

    • doodle

      doodle - 2007-11-09

      OK, I misinterpreted this value to mean the limit of the total requiring approval in the first place! :)

      I was beginning to think it was because GW User was wrong User/Contact defined in Requisition window, but that was defaulted and maybe it was correct...

    • doodle

      doodle - 2007-11-12

      It isn't about approval limit: I raised the limit to 1000. Still couldn't approve a requisition.

      Tried via "Workflow Process" -> "Manage Process" -> Set "New User/Contact": GardenAdmin and New Workflow Responsible: "Organization". Now Compiere stopped completely sending requests and User completes own requests without asking anyone!

      This all is kind of messy to me, though going this through with the aid of the manual...


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