Robert Treat - 2003-04-02

Just a disclaimer that I am not involved with Compiere in anyway; including coding of the application or the efforts involved in porting it to postgresql.

That said there was a nice little discussion on one of the postgresql mailing lists regarding the status of porting Compiere to postgresql. The following is taken from an email from Tom Lane (one of the postgresql core team members)

> On a more positive note:
> * NUMERIC does indeed do the unspecified-precision thing.
> * If you can't be bothered to rename datatypes, CREATE DOMAIN would
>   serve to provide Oracle-compatible names for Postgres datatypes.
>   There is some parse-time overhead associated though.
> * CREATE OR REPLACE does exist for some object types now --- views and
>   functions for sure, don't recall anything else.
> * Postgres *does* do sub-SELECT-in-FROM, which is what I think is meant
>   by the references to embedded views.
> * On the outer join syntax issue: PG supports the SQL-standard syntax,
>   which I believe is also supported by recent Oracle releases.  Consider
>   migrating away from Oracle's proprietary syntax.

I'll also add that there is a postgresql module called "tablefunc" that includes support for "connect by" which might work to resolve the hierarchical query issues.

There is also currently work being done for nested transaction support, which might make it into 7.4 (due this summer), though it's admittedly iffy at this point.  For that matter, we are planning on having a native windows port of postgresql available this summer as well, which seems to be a concern for some on this message board. (not sure why, there are commercial versions of postgresql available for windows already). Obviously we're an open source project so these dates and features are subject to change, but if folks are interested in seeing the port, and willing to put time/effort/money toward the goal, if only for one or two of the items listed, please feel free to join the postgresql mailing lists and submit your proposals.  I hope this information has been useful,

Robert Treat
PostgreSQL Advocacy Team