Compiere with MySQL - How To?

  • gustav

    gustav - 2007-02-13

    I can see somebody (Compiere Brazil?) is already offering Compiere with PgSQL! :-)
    Anybody around offering Compiere with MySQL!?
    I've also tried to find some info on how to install/set up Compiere with MySQL but very hard to find!?
    Any/all info re Compiere with MySQL would be appriciated!!!
    Thx in advance:-)

    • petershen

      petershen - 2007-02-16

         as I know, jazzerp ( do some work on mysql, for little or much.
         and aslo I tried some same work at my spare time, (just for fun), you can see here:, I finished the connection and all the tables, but still a lot of work.

         what needs to do is: convert the tables, data, views, into mysql, which is not very difficult actually, and change some code in dbport, to add DB class and some convertor.
         but that is a lot of work.

         By the way, what is problem with PG? it is free.  (while mysql is not for commercial user).

      Peter Shen

      • gustav

        gustav - 2007-02-17

        "Gung hay fat choy!" (for me= "HKG") or should I say "gong xi fa cai!" to you?
        "Shen" .... hmmm, S.por or Taiwan or?
        Nevertheless, THX for the info and input; APPRICIATED!
        No real problem with PG= I can go both ways; MY or PG because our remote (Linux) server has/support both DB's.
        I just "choose" My because I was testing the NavicatMySQL admin tool; smooth/easy to connect to our MySQL DB at our Linux server.
        What I really like to study is how easy/smooth it could be to run the DB part of Compiere on remote server and working with the clien from desk top and/or laptop?
        I know Compiere supports remote and have some kind of web functionality but how easy/smooth in real use?
        Seems there would still be quite some work to be done to put up Compiere on MySQL!?
        How about PG= any ready "pack"?

    • petershen

      petershen - 2007-02-20

      Hi, thanks.
        I'm using adempiere, a fork of compiere (, it has a pg version, it seems stable so far.

        in real use?  we have a production system, which has 20+ branches in different locations in China, we use ms remote desktop and web as well, it is smooth, (of course we improved the web functions by ourselves, becourse we use a old version, compiere 251c).

      Peter Shen

    • gustav

      gustav - 2007-02-20

      Thx (again) for your prompt reply! :-)
      Actually, I earlier had a quick look @ the "adempiere" and maybe worth to study? However, Compiere has been around for some time! I’m not sure that when people depart for something same-“new” only coz they’re not “happy” it will automatically result in a better product/set up??? We live to learn and find out!?
      Don’t get me wrong, I lift my hat and support full hearted the open source thinking but I do understand the business aspect of things as well!

      If 20+ branches in China I guess Shanghai would be included?
      You’re not talking “Zoap Consulting”?
      I will be back in HKG next week and back in SHA from min. 10-17Mar.
      Maybe, we could study if we could co-op so let me have your e-mail and let’s discuss?

    • gustav

      gustav - 2007-02-27

      Have I (mistake) missed your reply to this to my personal e-mail adress?
      IF you've replied to my personal adress could you re send because I've most likely canceled by mistake.


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