Porting Approach

  • dhruv

    dhruv - 2003-11-22

    Can I make a suggestion. If we move all the business logic into Java instead of using stored procedures and stick to the bare minimum for insert delete and update. Store all the querys strings in a database table. Making a switch from one database
    would not be a problem.

    That way you can still have your core source code  in Oracle.But a group could convert the strings. Testing should also not be a problem.

    We could use one test script to test all builds.

    Using ANTLR we could write rules to convert Oracle PL SQl to other SQL databases


    • Marco LOMBARDO

      Marco LOMBARDO - 2004-01-13

      I don't know... it's not the same thing: create a store procedure let you control esecution, privileges, you get less network traffic.

      More interesting would be design store procedure with a meta language.

      In addition PostgreSQL have a language for store procedure very similar to Oracle, and MaxDB database is compatible with Oracle 7.



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