Re: DB2 Express-C (Now Free from IBM)

  • olutosin

    olutosin - 2006-01-31

    IBM just made DB2 Express-C free for production use (...and redistributable too)
    32 bit or 64 bit (Windows or Linux)
    Up to 2 CPUs (Dual core)
    Maximum of 4GB Ram
    Unlimited Database size
    Unlimited Database users & connections
    supports SQLJ, Triggers, stored-Procedures.....
    This should work fine for Compiere, what do you guys think?

    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2006-01-31

      DB2 Express-C sounds great vs. Oracle XE:

      Oracle XE present the following restrictions:
      only 1 CPU
      Max 4GB on database size
      the current beta doesn't support SQLJ (maybe the production release announced for end of february)

      The problem is that I think the approach for database independency (Convert and ConvertMap) doesn't work as designed.  It adds a conversion layer that makes very slow the system, and in Compiere we can find some statements that simply can't be translated from Oracle to other SQL language (at least for postgres).

      Carlos Ruiz - globalqss

    • Muthah

      Muthah - 2006-02-02

      I think it is great that IBM released DB2 with fewer restictionsespecially on Database size unilke Oracle -XE limitation of 4 GB.

      The onusis for us in Comnpiere to support the DB2 Express -C.I believe it is a better alternative to  the Oracle tie up.

      Any takers on the above are welcome.

    • João Vieira

      João Vieira - 2006-02-03

      i didn't get it yet:

      it's possible to rewrite the sqlj functions into another language (like c# for sql server 2005). (before, it was pl/sql)

      it will end sqlj dependence?

      there are any other reason in compiere that makes sqlj a pre-requisite?

    • Mete Kural

      Mete Kural - 2006-02-03

      It is great news that IBM made a free version of DB2 available.

      We are currently adding DB2 support to Compiere. We are hoping that it will work for multiple versions of DB2 such as DB2 on Windows, Unix, Linux and DB2 on iSeries. Any of you who are interested in helping, please let me know either by emailing me at or by posting here. You can help to make sure that the DB2 support will work for  DB2 Express-C as well.

      Thank you,

    • Muthah

      Muthah - 2006-02-05

      Hello Kural

      I am interested in porting Compiere ERP to DB2.
      You can mail me v ia sourceforge and lets join our Ideas together.

      The next thing we will need to have is to build a DB2 Compiere ERP community that will also hgelp out in testing and evaluating the product.

      Note: The developers at Compiere Inc have posted a   news update saying that they will have Compiere ERP running on Derby or Cloudscape within the next 6 months. A Cloudscape database can be directly upsized to a DB2 database with little or no changes to the database,i think we should also work with them on the modalities.

      Anyway sign me up on the offer.


    • Mete Kural

      Mete Kural - 2006-02-07

      Hello there,

      Actually we are doing this together with Jorg. We are hoping DB2 support will be something that will be included in Compiere Core. The nice thing about the upcoming Derby/Cloudscape support is that someone can easily download and install Compiere and demo/evaluate it. Currently you have to be a computer person to be able to install Compiere since you have to install Oracle. I am hoping that with the Derby/Cloudscape support someone who is a manager type person without extensive computer skills will be able to install Compiere and try it out. The upgrade path from Derby/Cloudscape to DB2 is relatively easy. So DB2 would present a viable upsize alternative to Oracle once Derby/Cloudscape support is also added to Compiere Core.

      I will also email you privately right now as well.


    • Zachary Wu

      Zachary Wu - 2006-05-15

      If you want to begin the process on DB2, please accept me to join the development.
      I'd like to port Compiere to any platform of DB2

    • Johannes Gubo

      Johannes Gubo - 2006-05-23

      Hello Mete,

      can you tell me/us some good news about progress of making Compiere compatible with DB2?

      Regards Johannes

      • Mete Kural

        Mete Kural - 2006-05-23

        It is in the works. Hopefully it should be available as soon as possible. That's what we hope.

        Thanks for your interest,


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