Porting Oracle to SAP DB

  • Matthias Blum

    Matthias Blum - 2003-11-11


    I would like to know if someone is currently working on porting Oracle to SAP DB.

    If not, would there be an interest in seeing this done?

    Hase someone worked on it and came across major problems?

    Any feedback is very welcome.
    Thanks for your time.


    • Frerk Meyer

      Frerk Meyer - 2003-11-18

      1) Does Compiere need database independence?

      It doesn't need database independence. It would suffice if it would depend on an open source database ;-)

      Well, at least SAP needs database independence. They recognized the growing role of Oracle in SAP installations and the fact that Oracle started to compete in ERP software. So they
      - open sourced their SAP DB
      - gave it to a company very well known for it's successful developement of in open source database (MySQL)
      - partnered with Sybase some days ago

      If SAP doesn't want to be dependend on Oracle, why should an open source ERP be locked in Oracle?

      2) MySQL no, MaxDB perhaps

      MySQL has a long road ahead to reach Oracle. I guess the MySQL Company will stay with tweo DBs: MySQL, the small, fast and easy DB and MaxDB, the big one certified to power SAP Applications at least. If MaxDB is able to run SAP, why not Compiere?

      3) PostgreSQL vs. MaxDB

      A long time there where only MySQL and PostgreSQL as open source SQL DBs available. Therefore I was happy when suddenly Interbase/Firebird and SAPDB alias MaxDB joined open source (you may say were dump into but this doesn't have to be bad, see Netscape/ Mozilla).
      MaxDB has an Oracle 7 emulation mode.

      Although I like PostgreSQL in principle the question is, how does PostgreSQL rate against MaxDB in respect to the requirements Compiere has for a DB?
      Which one requires less code adaption?

      I'm not that deep into SQL DBs to be able to judge it.
      But just from the facts a comparision would make sense to me.



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