Compiere 2.5.3a on Fyracle

  • Firebird

    Firebird - 2005-12-09

    The Firebird folks have released a new version of Fyracle ("oracle mode Firebird"), with support for both PL/SQL and SQLJ. It runs the current production version of Compiere, 2.5.3a, unchanged.


    It seems to me that Fyracle is what Oracle XE should have been.

    Ready to use binaries of Compiere 2.5.3a with Fyracle added to the login options and the default database content migrated to a Firebird database file are available from:

    A "four-click install" of Firebird is available from:
    (note that the compiere files in this directory are still for Compiere 2.5.1g)

    The Compiere-Fyracle solution differs from the Libero and the CODAF solutions in that the Compiere code is unchanged.

    • Vincent Harcq

      Vincent Harcq - 2005-12-09

      What you all share is a unsupported solution...

    • Firebird

      Firebird - 2005-12-09

      Are you sure? See:

      These guys do support for PharmaNord, which is a seal of approval I would think.

      • Vincent Harcq

        Vincent Harcq - 2005-12-09

        oops. I did not see that.  Then they have one point more ;-)

        The only part missing is full support, else how do you migrate your fyracle DB ?
        Does fyracle have contact with ?

    • Andrejs Veliks

      Andrejs Veliks - 2005-12-12

      Marek Mosiewicz from Jotel is one of Compiere developers. You can find this name in source code.

    • Martin

      Martin - 2006-01-05

      I have installed Compiere with Fyracle and a number of different clients successful and am testing it now together with other users for production use. Being more familiar with the system soon, I will be able to give some support as well. Maybe this helps.

    • MGarcia

      MGarcia - 2006-01-11


      It's a great option, tho I don't think it's ready for production, eg upgrading etc.

      Beats CoDaf, CoDaf had no updates for months and still using 2.5.2c!

      I found an error in the import and someone found a bug in the attachment feature.

      Their haven't replied to either bugs yet... anyway.

      It's a great demo system, light and fast demo!


    • Firebird

      Firebird - 2006-01-11

      > They haven't replied to either bug yet...

      Well, you only posted the bug 24h ago. Perhaps it is a bit much to ask for 24h turnaround on a *free* support list... The other bug report is three weeks old, I agree.

      A guy from Brazil reported "production use" in the MBA program.

    • MGarcia

      MGarcia - 2006-01-12


      yer your right, got a reply.. going to fixed next release of fyracle!

      haha yer he even put his server details on the forum.

      It could be used as production... but requires hardcore Compiere/Java/DB knowledge!

      As for my bug, i'm sure there would be ways around it, eg direct db imports.


    • PAscal

      PAscal - 2006-02-04

      It seems that a bugfix has been delivered in fyracle forum ...

    • David Schnare

      David Schnare - 2006-02-05


      I have installed this version however I got the following error when starting the server.  Any help would be appreciated.

      -----------> CConnection.queryAppsServerInfo: jnp://schhome50:1099
      - javax.naming.CommunicationException: Receive timed out [Root exception is jav Receive timed out]
      - {java.naming.provider.url=jnp://schhome50:1099, java.naming.factory.initial=o
      rg.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory, jnp.discoveryTimeout=5000, jnp.timeout=5
      000, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.jboss.naming.client, jnp.sotimeout=5000} [


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