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JDBC error

  • Ronaldo

    Ronaldo - 2005-11-24

    Hi there...
    I'm trying to install Kompiere Libero, on  Windows XP, from e-Evolution distro and Postgresql 8.0. 
    The pg_hba.conf file is OK to my ip adress, and other applications like pgadmin are work fine, but if i try run Run_setup.bat, get the following jdbc connection error: "Error connecting: jdbc:postgresql://lsj-6:5432/template1 - postgres/compiere". 
    Setup test fails  at the System Password - password trying to connect to database template1
    The database "compiere" was created following the  Installing PostgreSQL (On Hold) instructions from, and is enable to user "compiere".
    What can i do?

    Sorry about my poor English.

    Best regards....

    • fjviejo

      fjviejo - 2005-11-25

      Try using your ip address as a Database server name, instead of your computer's name, the same ip address which is in your pg_hba.conf file.

      I hope this works for you.

      Best Regards

    • Paulo Emerique

      Paulo Emerique - 2005-11-28

      Hi Ronaldo, are you from Brazil (like me ?) I see you JDBC connection says "template1" ... is this the database name ?

      Please check what you're using as
      I suppose it should be compiere/compiere/compiere

      We have Compiere on postgre running fine.

    • Ronaldo

      Ronaldo - 2005-11-29

      Hello Paulo!

        Yes, I'm from Brazil. Unhappyly, my database, user and password are wrote correctly on setup screen,
      database name: compiere
      user name: compiere
      password: *******  (rsrsrsrsrs), 
      but  received this message. The Compiere instalation is a piece of my master of science program.
        If you may help me with any information...

      Thanks, a lot


    • Raj

      Raj - 2006-02-07

      There will be default password for the system i.e. manager if you have given your own password try with that it will work.


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