Compiere on PostgreSQL

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  • Jonah H. Harris

    Jonah H. Harris - 2005-06-01


    I'm sorry I've taken so long to get the information to you.  I have, however, nearly completed the installation document for UNIX/Linux (with the exception of copying from my scripts).  It will be completed within 14 hours and will reside at:

    Please read through this document as the Win32 version will be based on much of it (less the build parts).  I will post again on this topic when the UNIX/Linux document is complete later tonight.

    Additionally, I've talked with Kathy and she stated that no contact has been made from Victor regarding the inclusion of Compiere Libero's PostgreSQL support in baseline Compiere.  Several months have passed with no updates and there are still very big issues with CL.  So, from this point forward, I will be picking up development from CL by fixing the known bugs and submitting the working system to Jorg for possible inclusion in the baseline.  I feel very strongly that PostgreSQL support for Compiere is needed, as do many of you.

    Very soon, I will upload some tracking/collaboration software at:

    The site will enable you to download the work-in-progress, report bugs, ask questions, etc.

    Thank you all for your continued interest.


    • ffs12

      ffs12 - 2005-06-01

      I'm really looking forward for this, I'm still struggeling in getting Compiere to work with postgres, and the e-evolution install guide appears quite incomplete to me. (Right now I can start the server, but when I try to connect a client, the client crashes with tons of exceptions).

      You post a download link for jdk1.5 in the required software section.
      Out of curiosity, is this by mistake, or did you manage to run Compiere with it?
      When I saw that, I just tried it, but it still complains that it want's 1.4

    • Victor Perez Juarez

      Hi Jonah!

      We do not any information request from you around functionality or Compiere Libero bugs you say have found.

      Up today we are working with Compiere Libero and CMPC 252d which work together. The next week we will be releasing the Compiere Libero CMPCS compatible with Compiere252d Version.

      On the other hand the vast majority of problems founded by the compiere commutinty are related with pljava installation into PostgreSQL.

      about your comment of your conversation with Kathy, may be she does not know my conversations with Jorg.  I attach one conversation with Jorg:

      Thanks Victor,

      The migration issue will be fixed today (by doing a migration our production DB)

      At this point, I will not have time to look at the code - first option is July :-/

      Thanks again!

      -----Original Message-----
      From: victor []
      Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 5:14 PM
      To: Jorg Janke
      Subject: RE: port for store procedure AD_Column_Sync to java

      Yes, thank you

      I see the code 2 day ago, this is a very good signal, on the other hand
      you know is more importan for me Compiere improves than my CopyRight ,

      I can send the code for Compiere to run with PostgreSQL , JBoss 4 ,
      tomcat 5 and Java 5.

      Do you agree?

      In this momenet we have problem with migration, it looks like your
      server is down, How long do ypu think this problem could be solved?

      Johan, I think it is not convenient  to split the community and to have more than one version for Compiere Libero, another person can make take the base I made and release another more version, etc.

      Taking into account you say have grate expertise in PostgreSQL you could be very usefull if you become part of the original Compiere Libero  Project.

      I sugest you to work with project which includes source code, tracking system, bugs reports and requests.

      I can add you as developer of the project.


      • Jonah H. Harris

        Jonah H. Harris - 2005-06-01


        I would be more than happy to work with you on this.  I, and others, haven't seen any progress in the last few months.  I had figured that you were working on things but didn't see any updates.  Please email me at so that we can discuss how best to attack any remaining issues.  Thank  you for your response.


      • Alin Vaida

        Alin Vaida - 2005-06-01

        Hi Victor,

        Nice to hear from you again! And with good news, too! It's been quite a while...
        You see, if you want to develop a community around CL, you should do this more often. I, too, believed that CL was in a deep coma. No cvs update for the last couple of months, nobody bothering to answer simple questions on the forums....what would you expect?
        I hope that things would go for the better now.


        • Victor Perez Juarez

          Hi Alin!

          The last months have been concentrate in CMPCS, now it is working nicely including MRP and CRP.

          We have integrates also FreeQueryBuilder into compiere to create views in an easier way,  JFree Chart to include Charts and currently we can use Java 5 , Jboss4 and Tomcat5.

          We still have many other things we can integrate to improve Compiere e.g. JPivot (BI)

          As you see we need to take advantage of the colaboration of those people how wish to share the job.

          In this way we can help a Jorg and to improve this great proyect called Compiere ;-).



          please give me your names and email and skills to be able to create a good team.

          welcome and congratulation.



          • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

            Hi Victor,

            Will you accept me as a developer?
            I do not have experience with Postgres, but i study fast.
            I'm Java certified programmer and I have over 4 years experience as a java developer and 10 months with Compiere . I will be glad if i can help you and the whole community.
            I have experince with JBoss, Tomcat, J2EE, SAP WEB Application Server, SQL, Oracle and debuging of problems and supporting customers.

            My email is trifonnt AT


            • Victor Perez Juarez

              Hi Trifon!

              I am happy for accepting you as a developer.

              Now I have some problems with Compiere that you could help to solve.

              One of them is to migrate Jboss 3 to Jboss 4 with Java 5 and also tomcat 4 to tomcat5.

              Can you convert the deployment files (Web.xml and Jboss.XML) from Jboss 3 , Tomcat 4 to Jboss4 Tomacat 5 based on the distribution standard files?

              Best Regards

              • Mete Kural

                Mete Kural - 2005-06-09

                >One of them is to migrate Jboss 3 to Jboss 4 with Java 5 and also tomcat 4 to tomcat5.

                Does the core Compiere 2.5.2d distribution support JBoss 4 and Tomcat 5 with Java 5? If not, do you have plans to submit your efforts to Jorg so that he can update Compiere core distribution to JBoss 4, Tomcat 5 and Java 5 also?


                • Victor Perez Juarez

                  Hi Meet!

                  Yes will be release with Compiere252d for Java 5 and JBoss 4 and Tomcat 5, I am to finish but have problem for convert deploy files.


              • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

                Hi Victor,

                thank you for accepting me, I hope to be useful.
                Ok. I will try to do this, but give me some time, because i'm busy this week.
                I'm open to contribute back my work to Compiere community.


          • Alin Vaida

            Alin Vaida - 2005-06-02

            Well, the JPivot ideea got me :)
            I don't think I can be of much help on this (except for testing), but maybe I can help porting the the pl/sql procedures to sqlj.

            My email is alin dot vaida at gmail dot com

    • chris snow

      chris snow - 2005-06-02

      I am running linux ppc32.  I only have sdk 1.4.2 available.  The instructions say I need sdk 1.5.  Will the instructions work for 1.4.2 also?

      Many thanks...

    • Andrejs Veliks

      Andrejs Veliks - 2005-06-02

      This topic look pretty good!
      So, may be victor & harris can organize cvs tree for CL, and to publish TODO list. We also very interesting in CL & CMPS.
      And more ... installing onto win32 is very needed, really. For home testing/developing  especially

    • Jonah H. Harris

      Jonah H. Harris - 2005-06-03

      Hey everyone,

      I've spoken with Victor and am hoping to get the sources for 2.5.2d in the next day or so.  When I get them and build it myself, I'll post the instructions on my site.  Perhaps Victor will also.

      Either way, I want to let you all know that one of my goals for the next 3 months is to make sure Compiere works just as well (if not better) on PostgreSQL as it does on Oracle.


    • Peter

      Peter - 2005-06-14

      Hi Victor & Jonah,
      I've avoided throwing my name into the ring until I sorted out getting Compiere & PostgreSQL working on my environment.  Still struggling with the install.

      I have been watching Compiere for the past 12 months or so and do want to get involved with the your team. If I don't put my name in now, I'll end up sitting on the side just listening.

      I have ERP experience working on large installations.

      You can contact me on
        italk2u AT mailforce DOT net

      I can then give you a resume of my areas of skills.


    • Ron Arts

      Ron Arts - 2005-06-29

      Hi everybody.

      I am a newbie to Compiere, and if you permit me to summarize this thread:

      - There is a main product Compiere, developed by compiere and the community. PostgreSQL is not a priority there.
      - There is a fork called Compiere Libero. This fork is being developed by e-volution in Mexico (Victor Prez Jurez). It is extending Compiere with Manufacturing functionality but also doing a full port to PostgreSQL.
      - Various people are interested in postgres support, but progress is slow, and Victor has not been communicating well.

      Well, I am also very interested in Compiere and Postgres support, and I hope to implement it starting Jan 1st, 2006.

      I do have some concerns though:
      - will the fork eventually fold back into the main trunk?
      - will Compiere Libero really fullfill its promises?

      On the latter, I am willing to help there as much as we can. On the first, it seems that Jorg is not unwilling to accept it. I think in general non-intrusive patches will be accepted easier then really big chunks of code which touch the trunk on many places. I don't have any insights in the differences between the main trunk and Libero though.

      I see some knowledgable people have offered their time, but I haven't seen an actual group emerging. Victor has been referring to but there is no mailing list configured for that project. Also there seem to have been no CVS checkins for 2 months.

      I'm afraid Compiere Libero does not qualify as a well-managed opensource project so far, and I can certainly understand Jonah's frustration.

      Victor, if you want outside help (you *did* ask for testers), please do the following:

      - create a mailinglist on sourceforge for your project
      - upload your changes to CVS, and start to actually *use* CVS in your development

      This way a community will form around CL, and we all will benefit.

      We will be very happy to participate in CL (especially the postgreSQL part), but this project needs more structure and communcation. Please.

      Ron Arts

      • Victor Perez Juarez

        HI Ron!

        I am glad there are people with ideas to improve , well answering your questions since my point of view:  

        The first point around if Kompiere Libero is a forck, I do not think  so, I see KL as a good plugin to work with PostgreSQL, the rason is because I do not try to do another project different from Compiere, but I try just to complement the Compiere current project.

        >>- will the fork eventually fold back into the main trunk?

        I do not need to modify the compiere trunk, because Jorg thought in a layer between the DB and the application, this is called dbPort an its function is to convert the oracle sentence to any DB, this way it is not necessary to modify the core.
        >>- will Compiere Libero really fullfill its promises?

        Around this , slow progress and without good comunication , I think it depends on those people interestend in the project ,  to acelerate the project we need to make an intensive test of the translator layer to debug an so e-Evolution and the people working in the project  can fix it.

        On the other hand to improve the comunnication we have the CMPCS forums I have opened one specifically for PostgreSQL and we also are setting the request errors for tha community knowledge.

        about cvs I can do a commit more frecuently, for major changes, if you can see the port of PostgreSQL everything is around the small classes and , may be beacuse of this you do not see many movements.

        the main goal is to convert every oracle sentences to PostgreSQL via and not to move the core.

        You can download the new version issued some days ago:

        see :



        • Ron Arts

          Ron Arts - 2005-06-29

          Dear Victor,

          thank you for answering. I have 2 questions:

          If I go to
          and then I click on [Lists], I get:

          No Lists found for Compiere Manufacturing (Compiere CMPCS)

          You said you created a forum for PostgreSQL. Where is it?

          Other question:

          When compiere itself improves, will you keep copying
          the improvements to CL, version after version?

          Or will you send all your changes to Jorg, so all your improvements will become part of the official Compiere distribution?


    • Victor Perez Juarez

      Hi Ron,

      you can find the forum at

      And now we are going to follow the improvements of Compiere , but we are going to talk with Jorg so he includes our job in compiere's core.


    • Cloves Almeida

      Cloves Almeida - 2005-09-09

      I had to do a few tweaks but made it run on Fedora Core 4.

      In some point, I had to complete the installation manually, using the script as a guide.

      Anyways, in the end, it works! Thanks.

      C. J.

    • pdight

      pdight - 2005-09-10

      My test server is hosted and I use putty / SSH to access it. I tried the script but it failed on the X system step.

      Is there a way to install without X System? Perhaps I am missing something - I am not an expert (yet!)?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Torsten Schlabach

        It should definitely be doable, but I think it is some sort of a chicken and egg problem. Once you have done several installations and know what's happening, you will probably be able to do it without the GUI tools that require X.

        One way to tackle this might be to install FreeNX and use the (free) NX client from I recently tied that and it works and takes you over the next hurdle.

        What OS is your server. (I guess it's Linux, but what flavor?)


    • Kristian Bäckström

      Would someone like to put up some wiki-like software (Plone for example) which would form some kind of tutorial for Compiere with PostgreSQL?

      It could be a place where problems and solutions could "meet" each other in a more structured way than on forums. A place where knowledge could be collected..

    • leew

      leew - 2005-09-28

      Has any progress been made on this, I have been trying to follow but there seems to be no new information for a couple of months.

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