JBoss "problems"

Jorg Janke
  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2003-06-06

    You may have read that some of developers left JBoss Group LLC (the commercial entity behind JBoss). Some journalists hyped that up to a "cricis".

    Nevertheless, the Compiere database independence project is NOT impacted by this.  We are still targeting Q4 of this year.

    • jaume teixi

      jaume teixi - 2003-06-07

      The EJB-QL's main developers remain in Jboss or in Coredevelopers ?

      which Jboss release of EJB-QL and CMP will meet all requierements to port PL/SQL code to Jboss for getting Compiere into DB freedom ?

    • Neville Burnell

      Neville Burnell - 2003-06-19

      Hi Jorg,

      Will the JBoss CMP work mean that Compiere should run on other J2EE servers that support CMP, ie, Orion [http://www.orionserver.com]

    • Neville Burnell

      Neville Burnell - 2003-07-08

      Hi Jorg,

      Which mailing list or forum is the best to track the Compiere-JBosss project?

    • Sy Tran

      Sy Tran - 2003-07-15

      For the jboss project, will front-end application for Compiere be converted to web-based html? 


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