Oracle named users

  • Rodolfo Valdivia

    Hi, I'm implementing Compiere and I'm new on Oracle Licensing purchasing. I have a few questions I hope some one can answer:

    1) Does Compiere uses the same number of named oracle users (licenses) when i access it through java client or a web client?

    2) Does Compiere have a pool of oracle connections in order to use less licenses?

    3) Does Compiere maps each User in it with a named user in Oracle?

    4) I have an environment with 35 users and i'm looking the chipeast schema to buy oracle licenses and attend all of them. Any sugestion?

    5) Is Web Client as good as Java Client, I mean does the first provides enough functionality?

    Thanks in advance

    • Yves Sandfort

      Yves Sandfort - 2003-08-07

      1.) Named User license are not concurrent users. See a named user license like a license for a special person. If you use the web client you need a cpu license, because oracle allow web access to database only via cpu license

      2.) Oracle only has named user licenses, not concurrent, so the pool won't help

      3.) as above named users not concurrent

      4.) Buy a Compiere Support contract I think is the cheapest solution, there is a oracle runtime license included.



    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2003-08-07

      NOte that the Oracle License included with a Compiere Support Contract is an embedded license and is not valid for development outside of compiere, other applications or third party tools


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