Compiere 2.5.3a all-in-one installer

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    Firebird - 2006-01-05

    See here:


    I manage to prepare the intaller for windows environment. It has compiere 2.5.3a + fyracle-0.8.10 + jdk 5.0 in a single install. It is meant for dummies and you can install compiere in just a minute with the necessary shortcut ready for you. The installer is about 250 MB in size and i already put into folder. If you want it simply send your email to me and you can download it from there.

    It is not meant for production but it rather give you the first impresssion on how the compiere and fyracle is all about.

    The binary is originaly from the source code that i compile from jotel and the fyracle installer is runtime kit from janus.

    I do not provide support but should you need services kindly contact jotel or janus for details. I do this for my favourites past times and also helping my colleages (financial implementer) to evaluate on available ERP/CRM/Accounting solution. I manage to do a couple of changes and i found that it is pretty cool stuff.


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      Firebird - 2006-01-14

      MibaSpeedo posted the following in the Fyracle forum (go to and pick forum from the menubar):

      I had received the overwhelming response from the community and the feedbacks i got was; the installation process just took 20-30 minutes to complete with all wizard driven guide;- easy process - like you install microsoft word. ha. ha.

      Ok, let it be because my intention is to attract the non IT and to be specific financial folks (accoutants, financial controller etc) to try this and finally make the compiere and fyracle a good piece of combinations. you're right !.

      Please report the compiere + fyracle bug to jotel or janus so that this solution can be further fixed with hopefully zero defects. Because most importantly is to allow everybody to test the solution especially on the compiere functionality thorougly.

      Thing to remember that on any financial application implementations, the biggest challenge is to map the customer requirement into the system specification boundary. Take SAP, Oracle Financial for example, if you simply take anybody like tom,  dick and harry to implement it without any financial background, then the good product will turn into just a piece of shit.... . Technical stuff is just a complementary/support a good idea/vision
      :-  so anybody with financial knowledge please test.

      Furthermore, since the acceptance is great then i would like to announnce my volunteer works on compiere and fyracle.

      1. Enhance the windows installer to put open source email so that people who don't have email server (for evaluation) can test the compiere notification process. (In progress)

      2. Enhance the boring/kindergarden web interface into more professional look an feel (progress).

      3. Enhance the peer-to-peer compiere integration adapter for data synronization among the peer.(just initiate)

      4. case study on my succesfull compiere implementation including step by setp  guide starting from installation, defining chart of account till the accounting treatment/workaround etc. (just initiate)

      Last but no least,  i'm now dying waiting for fyracle to release the production version so that people can get convinced with this product.


    • Firebird

      Firebird - 2006-01-30

      For clarity sake: please send requests for the all-in-one downloader directly to:
      and not to me.


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