Mahmut Orak - 2005-03-25

hello everybody,
I have installed the pljava suceesfuly.
-->edit the postgresql.conf file
-->append necessary entries to path system environment variable
-->execute the deployer
Now I am able to see java as a language under languages of my db instance.
But I had a problem while performing following operations:

cmpcs=# select sqlj.install_jar('C:\ASSIGNMENTs\assignment1_postgreSQL\postgreSQL8.0_no_cygwin\PLJava\examples.jar', 'samples', true);


cmpcs=# select sqlj.install_jar 'c:\compiere\lib\sqlj.jar', 'sqlj', true);

both of them gave me the same error:
ERROR:  java.sql.SQLException: I/O exception reading jar file: unknown protocol: c

any help will be appreciated.