PostgreSQL + JBoss

  • Haluk Durmus

    Haluk Durmus - 2004-04-07

    I read that Compiere 2.5.1 depends on JBoss, that assures  database independency.
    Do  someone knows, when it will be able to use PostgreSQL with Compiere.

    It's important to know this, because  our company must make a choice.

      Haluk Durmus

    • Haluk Durmus

      Haluk Durmus - 2004-04-11


      is there really no roadmap ??

    • Jean-Michel POURE

      The main developer of Compiere resells Oracle licences. He does not have a real interest in migrating Compiere to PostgreSQL.

      If you look at the Compiere server-side structure, the first achievement should be to migrate it to SQL 99. For example use NUMERIC instread of NUMBER types, etc...

      Then, there are a few cosmetic changes like removing updatable server-side cursors and imbricated transactions. This requires also a change in the Java client-side code.

      When this is done, you can start migrating the PL to pgPL

      In short:
                                                       Oracle    PostgreSQL
      migrate table structure                   x                x
      migrate db objects (views, etc... )    x                x
      migrate PL                                                       x

      Cheers, Jean-Michel                    

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2004-04-21

      Please see prior post. 


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