how to solve DB independence: An approach

  • kisito

    kisito - 2006-07-01

    Hi all

    I think that to avoid to treat the database independence case by case, we must refactor Compiere to introduce a new layer like the DAO layer so that we can't see any sql instruction in the model or in the view like it's the case now.
    (Please correct my English)

    • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)


      good point, but this would take too much time.

      also it looks that Compiere Inc. are not on the same opinion, so there will be no support from their side.

      One problem in DB independence is that Compiere creates dynamicaly SQL statements, so we can't remove them from source code.

      One possible solution is to use ORM tool like iBatis, which allow finer control on sql statements. Developers will need to create proper sql statements for different DBs.

      But generally we can only discuss i do not believe that thre is onyone who would support DB indepenedence effort. More over we see failure of Postrgress port so according to me chances are < 0%.



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