DB Independence how much is the dev cost

  • dhruv

    dhruv - 2003-04-30

    In terms of US dollars how much money are we talking about to get a DB independent version


    • Ralf Hauser

      Ralf Hauser - 2003-05-01
    • Kalle

      Kalle - 2003-05-29

      Could this be a solution ? pl/sql migrated to Java .
      At this site ..

    • Vipen Mahajan

      Vipen Mahajan - 2003-06-20

      I have been in touch with these people. They have developed tools for PLSQL to Java and translating Oracle SQL dialect to SQL supported by other RDBMS.

      At my request they studied the Compiere requirements, in some detail. They said that a conversion is practical, in a reasonable time frame. The time consuming part is testing after the conversion.

      These people are going to do it as a commerciasl project. That means $$$. How to we fund that has to be looked into. They were talking of a 2-4 months time frame.

      We would also have to look into the maintainence of the code after it has been converted.

      In all this it is imperative that the main spring of Compiere, Jorg should be convinced that this is the right way to do it. As future enhancements etc. will be done through him.

    • rugueux

      rugueux - 2003-07-03

      I think it worth it ! For such a big open source project, it make sense to have the posibility to run also an openSource DB.
      Even if the Oracle licence proposed by Compiere is very intersting, to have the choice of your DB should be ... for an opensource project, otherwise it has the same drawbacks than my "favorite" MS softwares...
      Even SAP can be run on different DBs.

      Even if for Medium Companies, the Oracle DB is much more reliable, and also the support for it, to make Compiere compatible with other OpenSource DB would enable smaller firms to use it, and especially small buisness schools and univerity...
      On the other side, it would boost the developpement of those DB, and developpers could bring out some nice functionnality if they are in contact with compiere developpers...

    • Robert Miles

      Robert Miles - 2003-07-21

      IMO, the raising partner relationship method to development funding will be a huge enhancement to Compere's development.

      But one of the cons in implemeting Compiere in most small companies is the costs with Oracle license.

      It's a problem to be considered.


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