Gerald Leung - 2006-03-07


I'm looking to add to Compiere support for Derby/Cloudscape. I would like some advice as to what files to modify/add for this to work.

I believe I'm supposed to modify/add the files below. I am probably missing many files from this list. Please tell me which ones.

(q1) Is there any documentation on how the "database independence" works? It appears Convert and ConvertMap are using regular expressions to convert Oracle SQL to the target DBMS. Is this done dynamically or during build time?

(q2) When the conversion cannot be done with Convert, what is done?


----------list of files-------------------


(new) /compiere-all/db/database/Startup/derby/
(new) AfterImport.sql
(new) BackupCold.sql
(new) BeforeExport.sql
(new) CheckDB.sql
(new) CreateUser.sql
(new) Daily.sql
(new) Start.sql
(new) Stop.sql
(new) Test.sql

(modify) /compiere-all/tools/build.xml

(new) /compiere-all/utils/derby/
(new) DBExport.bat
(new) DBExportFull.bat
(new) DBRestore.bat
(new) ImportCompiere.bat
(new) ImportReference.bat
(new) Start.bat
(new) Stop.bat